Monday, April 30, 2012

30 days of biking

With a whimper, I finished my 30 days of biking for April. I've been sick with a cold the last four days, and each of those days' riding entailed only a short cruise around the neighborhood in the evening. Quite a few other days this month also entailed no more than a short cruise. But at least I met my core commitment to ride everyday this month.

Though, the point of the streak wasn't so much the continuity of riding as it was the going new places and blogging about it. That was my intention, anyway. And that part I didn't do as well as I could have. Even now I still have yet to organize my photos from my Four Peaks adventure four weekends ago. Once again I proved to myself that I enjoy biking more than I enjoy sorting my thoughts about it afterward. Once I finish a ride I tend to look forward to the next one.

And with that, I think I'll close my thoughts of April and instead look forward to May.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

A very good and impressive effort JEC, pressing on to complete the month, while having a cold, is not easy or fun. I also greatly appreciated the photos you did post, so it was not all for naught.

Any chance the streak, for the sake of streaking (as questionable as we all know that to be), goes on?

Craig M. Brandenburg said...

Bobby et al.— The streak came to an end yesterday, Saturday. I believe the streak came to 40 days in all.

I'm not much for keeping up super long streaks, unlike certain other presidential bloggers I know, for much the same reason I expressed to you earlier today about not wanting to be beholden to an Exercise Plan.