Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hour of Power

5:16AM: Cruising on Camelback Rd towards the ride's start. From this side of the mountain, the Camel's head is huge.

5:27AM: The Camel's two humps loom large. I'm a little late and risk missing the start by dawdling to take this photo.

5:32AM: Made it! Barely. And it's a good thing I stuffed my camera in my jersey pocket soon after taking this photo because the ride got fast fast.

These days, because of living in the Avenues side of Phoenix, riding HOP involves me waking up at 4:00AM. I breakfast and shower and depart on my bike at 4:45AM, not to return home until after work thirteen hours later. It's a big commitment for something that involves so much suffering. And today's ride didn't disappoint with the suffering; the group kept it in the mid-20s to low-30s, starting with the warm-up and pushing through all the way until the Mummy climb.


Chad Chisholm said...

Dude, ouch on all fronts.

Bobby and the Presidents said...

Everything about that is fantastic. Nice job.

Craig M. Brandenburg said...

Chad— It was a lot easier back when I worked a job that let me slide in late every day of the week. Now, with my newfound punctuality, the ride makes for a very long day, which is why I haven't been doing it till now.

Bobby et al.— Thanks.