Monday, May 25, 2015

Hike #41: Three hundred thirty hikes

Thursday, 2015-05-21
Circumference hike around unnamed peak, from the 40th St Trailhead
½ hour

Every time I hike TwoBit Peak after work, I see an older man, sometimes alone and sometimes with a buddy or two, and every time wearing jeans and a cotton shirt that contrast with the REI plastic clothing the rest of us hikers wear.

Today I started at the trailhead at the same time as this man, and I asked him if he hikes everyday. His answer was yes, and that he hiked TwoBit about 330 times last year. This makes my own goal to do 100 hikes this year seem not so hard.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

By my calculation you are ahead of pace, great efforts and good luck!

Craig Brandenburg said...

Bobby et al.— Yes, I'm on pace to record 100 hikes this year, although the rules for determining what constitutes a hike are ill-defined. For example, how many hikes will I do while at Havasupai for four days? Technically, every time I go anywhere it's a hike. E.g., go to the bathroom? It's a hike. Go get a drink of water? It's a hike. Totally unclear.

Bobby and the Presidents said...

JEC, the best news is that you get to define what qualifies as the 100 is your goal. I propose that you consider the following definition: Any effort that you set out as a hike with that being the main intention. Loosely, any time you think or say "I'm going for a hike." Anything else accomplished or encountered during one of those just adds to the fun and ideally to additional great posts. This would differentiate "hiking" efforts that were initiated by other main intention activities like "I'm going to relieve myself" as first priority. Again, back to first point, you get to decide so it seems very logical and justifiable to sometimes have initial thought actions turn into hikes whenever you decide, "that was a hike," or "that would make a good hiking blog post so a hike it is!" Anyway, continued good luck.

Craig Brandenburg said...

Bobby et al.— Thanks!