Monday, April 20, 2015

Hike #29: Birds

Sunday, 2015-04-19
TwoBit Peak, from the 40th St Trailhead
1 hour
Saw a cyclist coast in to the Trailhead with no chain on his bike

Today I marveled at a cactus wren, which rasped from atop a saguaro, then, perhaps just to show off, flew to and alighted on an ocotillo.

If you follow that first link, be sure to watch till the end.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

I take it the cyclist wasn't powering up hills on that chainless bike? Had the chain snapped? Was it a balance bike, like for kids? Three questions is probably enough, right? I like knowing that you know what I did just there :).

I will never doubt you again when you talk about the volume of bees, some many that birds just snatch them right out of the air, incredible.

Craig Brandenburg said...

Bobby et al.— It was a regular mountain bike. The cyclist said he was powering up the side of a wash when the chain snapped.

Just now, while writing this, I realize I talked to the cyclist in the parking lot, and in the backpack on my shoulders was my chain tool, and I didn't offer to help. He was calling for a pick-up, too, because the 40th St Trailhead was not where he started his ride. Wow, I'm a jerk!

(And yes, I know what you did just there. (And you know what I'm doing here!))

Bobby and the Presidents said...

HAHA!!! Yes, yes I do. Well done JEC, well done.