Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hike #27: 5th annual LMI

Sunday, 2015-04-13
South Mountain, from 43rd Ave to the “Big Ramada”
1 hour
5th annual Laura Matera Invitational

Trivia question: Who coined the name “Laura Matera Invitational?“

Hint: It was the one person who still reads Just Enough Craig.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

NEED MORE DETAILS!!! Please start by answering the following questions:
1) Did you WIN this years LMI? As I recall, the one time you did run the race you were the first overall finisher, though leaving blood and skin on the course may be grounds for disqualification?
2) How many participants this year?
3) What was the best post race food item?
4) How long and grueling did the vicious course designer/race director make it this year?
5) How did your feet hold up?

I eagerly await answers to the above and any further info you may wish to provide about the best event in North America!

Craig Brandenburg said...

Bobby et al.

1. Nope, 2nd place. Jason finished 1st by about ten minutes.

2. Nine participants.

3. My favorite was the fruit pizza.

4. The course wasn't too tough. It started up a steep grade for a few minutes but then traversed gentle rollers the rest of the way.

5. My feet held up well—no injuries. The five-finger trail runners are well suited for trail running.

L said...

Ahem, it is called the Laura Matera InvitationAL:

Bobby, Craig didn't stand a chance since sub-3 hour marathoner Jason Macevicius was on the course. It was one of the kinder courses, just a 10k. However, I didn't run it, so maybe it's not as kind as I think. One runner said, "I think whoever plans the course needs to be required to run it too."

Bobby and the Presidents said...

CMB and NEL, thank you for the great details, man I wish I could've been there. I think Craig always has a chance, but yeah, he was certainly the for whether the race director should run the race, the race director gets to make/change/define/interpret the rules as she goes, it's the Laura Matera Invitational after all!

PS Fruit pizza sounds GOOD.

Craig Brandenburg said...

L— OMG, corrected.

Bobby et al.— If it counts for anything, I was the 1st place finisher for the route I ran—which wasn't the official route. There were many such 1st place finishers this year.

Bobby and the Presidents said...

Congrats then! To you and all other 1st place finishers!!