Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hike #18: Yield

Saturday, 2015-03-21
Flat loop hike, from the 40th St Trailhead
1 hour
First time I've applied the horse-hiker-biker yield rule

My wife spurred me into doing a flat, one-hour hike with her this morning. At the end of the hike we saw a colony of bees that had made a home out of a hole in the ground. And just before that we listened to a mockingbird chirp like a car alarm. But the most exciting part of the hike was the “notable” at the top of this post: applying the horse-hiker-biker yield rule. (Edit: here's the correct sign.)

Laura and I came upon an oncoming equestrian and cyclist at the same time! My expert knowledge in all things right of way proved useful, as I had Laura and myself make room for the horse, then assert our right before the cyclist. It was a moment of civic awesomeness.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

HA!!! Civic Awesomeness indeed!! And I am thrilled to know of this 'right of way' mastery you have, though I am not at all surprised. Calling upon that mastery, could you perhaps explain in words the yield sign you provided link to? Being unfamiliar with them I am confused as to what the arrows actually mean...mind you I now know from your well explained example what to do when encountering a similar situation, but for my edification I would sincerely appreciate your further explanation. Thanking you in advance.

Craig Brandenburg said...

Bobby at el.— Oh my, I linked to the wrong sign! Each arrow means “yields to,” but the sign I linked to signals hikers to yield to bikers, which is opposite to the rule in the Phoenix Preserve.

Here's the sign we have in Phoenix.

Bobby and the Presidents said...

Ahhh! Now it makes perfect sense, thank you.