Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 days of biking

Not to be totally outdone—but indeed to be mostly outdone, like, 99% outdone, which still, is less than being 100% outdone—by Bobbylite (pronounced: BOB-ee-LEET or Bob Elite, a.k.a. Bobby and the Presidents, a.k.a. Bobby et al.) and his ongoing running streak that nears the half-year mark of consecutive days of him having run at least 1.2 miles each day (but usually many more than 1.2 miles, like, one day he ran 20 freakin' miles, which is more than one-and-a-half half-marathons, and he wasn't even training for a race—give me a freakin' break!), which I find especially remarkable of an achievement—which is why I'm remarking about it right now, because it's so remarkable—because I myself am too fragile, too prone to injury to ever have the remotest of remote possibilities of ever running that many days in row—indeed, my feet are so bruised from the LMI (Laura Matera Invitation, a.k.a. North Mountain Challenge, a.k.a. the cause of half a dozen West Valley Runners now hating Laura for making them run up North Mountain this past Sunday—) trail run that I haven't been able to walk, yet alone run, 1.2 miles yet this week (and that's cumulative for the whole week so far—I happen to be 1.2 miles short), which is pretty much par for the course for me—so instead I'm going to do my own streak—and Laura of the LMI who's a.k.a. Laurawesome to some and my girlfriend to me, tells me it's spelled streak and not steak, as in: Against Laura I have a two-game Ticket to Ride winning streak, not winning steak, which is fine cuz I'm not so big on eating beef unless we're talking an occasional hamburger or some sausage…—which also will happen to entail (1) posting photos on my blog and (2) participating without criticism in a massive online social trend (and by massive I mean more than 2,000 people are so far signed up to do it), and both of these two, paired entailings are pretty unusual for me separately on their own but with both happening at the same time I may as well be struck by lightning while sitting on some fusilli, but sometimes unusual things do happen, otherwise they would be impossible or never-to-happen and not unusual, and that's to say that I'm going to ride my bike everyday this coming April and photo-blog the results. Woo.


Bobby and the Presidents said...

I wish you good luck on your 30 days of biking streak, though I have no doubt you will complete it. I will be most impressed when you do though as I truly do not think I could do it...I have tried short bike streaks before and have always needed to take days off due to unmentionable issues resulting from consequitive days in the saddle. I was going to say I look forward to seeing your pictures, but think maybe following that previous sentence with such a statement may not come out exactly as intended. Good luck Sir. -- Bobbylite as in not heavy and less filling

Craig M. Brandenburg said...

Bobby et el.— Thanks. You raise a good question about how to ride consecutive days without saddle soreness. In short: it can be done. But it requires overturning some conventional wisdom as well as endeavoring in some trial-and-error. I should devote one of my upcoming blog posts to this topic and to describing what works for me.