Monday, September 22, 2008

Goodbye, summer

Goodbye, summer. Much of the rest of the country mourns your departure, but we in the Valley have been eagerly awaiting our promised release from you. And like clockwork, the monsoon clouds are drifting away and you're returning to your predictable, mild temperament. Windows will soon be opened to welcome the pleasant air. We'll comfortably walk about in sandals and T-shirts all the while forgetting to appreciate each windless, blue sky day. I am reminded why I first fell in love with the Valley two years ago.

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Diamond Girl said...

I'm in the valley and I am mourning the departure of summer. I HATE the end of summer, I already miss the heat. My 6 month depression starts now. If you come over and find my head in the oven, I'm not trying to commit suicide - I'm just trying to find my happy place.